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Fairytales in Craft project was initiated in April 2015 by

Luka Jelušić and Ola Andersson.


Prestudy project was managed by Ola Andersson, Luka Jelušić and Annika Wahlström, 

with participation of following artists and craftsmen: Björn Fast Nagell, Cecilie Jörstad, Jokum Lind Jensen, Maria Mastola, Chris Porcarelli, Lina Söderberg and Biba Šehović Jelušić. 


PILOT (2016) is based on a story by

Björn Fast Nagell and Annika Wahlström


Luka Jelušić: concept and production   

Annika Wahlström: production

Björn Fast Nagell: director, actor, sound design and video production

Cecilie Jörstad: actress, composer

Peder Kjellsby: composer

Biba Šehović Jelušić: graphic and web design

Alexander Wiig: lighting design and special effects



Elmer's and Inga's rooms: Biba Šehović Jelušić, Annika Wahlström

Sunken ship: Luka Jelušić, Annika Wahlström

Underwater world: Lina Söderberg

Shipyard: Luka Jelušić, Maria Mastola, Biba Šehović Jelušić


WORKSHOP leaders/storytellers:

Ola Andersson, Cecilie Jörstad, Jonatan Malm, Maria Mastola, Paulina Nilsson, Annika Wahlström



Ola Andersson, Luka Jelušić, Maria Mastola, Hannes Nilsson, Lina Söderberg, Biba Šehović Jelušić, Annika Wahlström, Alexander Wiig



Jonatan Bjärbo, Martin Gustavsson, Emil Ölander